Stereotypes about working women: A Personal Experience.

I was going through an article on, that what are the stereotypes about working women, two points caught my eyes because I can relate to them. Which are:

1: Women With Ambitions Are Somehow Of Bad Character And Attract Unnecessary Attention From Men.

2: Careers For Women Are Also Pre-defined – Teaching, Nursing, Medical Doctors. Not Acceptable – Journalism, TV, Field Reporting, Etc.

Well in my case I am from a small town in West Bengal. I don’t stay at my hometown anymore because of my career.
In 2017 in the same hometown of mine I started facing some issues regarding bank, so I asked for help from an almost influential person. Whereas, when it came to the solution of that problem the person whom I approached ofcourse told everyone he was helping me because I was spotted with him on our way to the bank.

He couldn’t help obviously. So I gave up on him. On the very next day he called me up and then used these words, “Women are not fit enough for journalism and tv” (I used to work in a channel at that point of time) and he didn’t help me because that could have affected his family’s reputation. I didn’t answer him back because I didn’t want to get into any argument. Later on, on my gutts I solved that issue.

After some days he texted and apologised for his words.

Later on he started discussing my work related stuff with me.

One fine day he told me “Ladies who work don’t have a good character and you can easily sleep with people to reach somewhere”. I replied with a smiling smiley and blocked him from everywhere. Tbh that day, I wanted to break his face. Because during my entire career it was known by people who worked with me that I had been a hard worker.

Well, to be straight forward enough, ladies don’t need to sleep around to reach somewhere. That is what some people don’t understand due to their cheap mentality.

There are more stereotypes. If you have male friends, you don’t have a character. You work late at night you are characterless. These issues are not only faced by ladies in cities but small town girls mostly face it.

Many girls from my hometown or other small towns come to me till date with same issue which they face in their area because these girls dared to work in a challenging field. Some are my juniors. Some know me somehow.

Only suggestion which I have always given and I still give is: An empty mind is devil’s workshop and people who are unable to achieve anything will always criticise you.
There are two major reasons for their way of thinking these stuff are: either they never had a working lady in a challenging field at home or they couldn’t take advantage of you.
In my case it was the second thing.
Ladies never let these people get into your mind. If you are truly careeristic ignore it. Your career should matter to you not what these people say.

It’s your life be daring enough to take your own decisions and fight for it. Because ladies always remember you are worth it.

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Stereotypes about working women

Take care.


40 thoughts on “Stereotypes about working women: A Personal Experience.”

  1. THere are some stereotypes for sure about working women. I love that you’re bringing light to them. It’s important people know that the stereotypes are just that, fake, based on old times and possibly a few bad apples out of a bunch. Not true.

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  2. its honestly sad and pathetic that some people actually think that way. I’ve dealt with a lot of stereotypes too, but I’ve also noticed how satisfying it is to hear someone say I can’t do something and then turn around and do it. This is a great article and I love the points you made.

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  3. Uh, I’m nervous about prejudices about women. Fortunately, I have no people in my environment who have these prejudices. I would do the same as you did – blocking him and forgetting.

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  4. This seems to be pretty accurate. I could not agree more to what you have mentioned. Well, a working woman, ambitious, hard working and loving is the most that I know.

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  5. Hi Monidipa once again you’ve nailed it head on. Such a beautiful, simple yet powerful article. It is very unfortunate that women face these issues. But by writing about it, it helps others speak out. I have also faced issues as such. And I cant say it was easy, in fact I wanted to leave my field of work. But then I stood up and decided to be who ai want to be, regardless of immaturity and sexism.

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  6. Emotional read for me. Though times have changed. Thoughts of men are changing too still this unfortunate reality exists. You have set an example by teaching such small minds a hard lesson.

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  7. I applaud your words! Yes, you show determination and the woman’s path to fulfilling their own career is so hard and there are so many prejudgements and stereotypes is disgusting!! Women shall keep in mind that we need to fight that together, they try to turn us one against the other, but there shouldn’t be competition among women, but solidarity because we all are victims in the disgusting system.

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  8. In many ways us women are use to debunking myths about us. We have to find a support network and fight to achieve our goals and dreams. I’ve seen so many women in my lifetime achieve success so I remind myself of their wins an fight hard to chart my own path.


  9. I really get pissed off when I hear about stereotypes that tend to speak ill about women, and especially working women. But again, it’s so true that they’re taken to be attracting ill attention from men. Very immature,right?

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  10. I couldn’t agree more! Its a pity that even in these times such assumptions and sexism exist, considering how much contribution a woman can make to the economy. It simply says a lot about them. I am glad you got rid of the ‘friend’

    XOXO Fiona •

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  11. This is such a nice post and I enjoy reading it. I hate some men thinking that a women should stay at home taking care the household chores,the kids and be a wife to their husband. But I proved them wrong because I do believe that woman can be a wife, a mother and of successful career woman at the same time. Woman should be united as one to show them that woman is powerful than what they think.

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  12. Some of the stereotypes actually come from the same people forcing women to be like what they’re implying about. For example, I know an old ex-friend who would always keep her daughters grounded for a lot or no reason, but then criticizes them because they’re too “weak to stand up”. I mean, there’s always a root cause for those stuff.

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  13. This is a great article and brilliant of you to raise awareness. It is sad that stereotypes even exist to be honest, why can’t we be who we are and do what we do and that be okay.

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