The Hibiscus Garland

A lovely and a inspirational write up

The Soul Energy

Praneja came from a family of priests, who took great pride in their vocation. Since five generations the eldest male member of her family had been the head priest of the temple sanctuary in the northern fringe of the forest near Rajgriha, the ancient capital of Magadha.

Every morning at the break of dawn she would go and collect flowers from the vast temple garden and create an exquisite garland for Goddess Kali, who was the presiding deity of the temple. As Praneja would look with great love and devotion in her heart at the beautiful dark visage of the mother goddess she would feel one with the deity. She would often wonder if the supreme primordial energy was feminine, then why were women not allowed to be priests in the temple. Her job was only to make the beautiful garland of flowers, she was never allowed to place it…

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