Amici, Friends Forever

Friendship is a unique gift given by God to human life. According to philosopher Emerson, a friend is the greatest masterpiece of nature. Friendship can not be defined only in one word or song or in poetry; No restriction can be restricted to the conversation. At present, college, university, office of all the triumph of friendship, in a word Life Impossible without friends.
Psychologists believe that love should never be brought in circle-based friendships. It is lost in eternal green friendship. Regarding friendship and love, poet Rabindranath Tagore said, “There is a lot of difference between friendship and love, but it cannot be distinguished by fluctuating. Friendship in love, love dresser. If there is tangled in a place of friendship, even if it is torn in two places, there is no harm even if it becomes dirty, but there is no restriction on reaching the knees. You have to overcome the power to say everything to your friend. In this case you have to be very generous. No hiding can be done. See buddy as a collaborator rather than a competitor. Try to be happy with the success of a close friend, encourage him. Accept friend’s success as an inspiration for yourself.”.

Well, so here it is about a group who never met in real life. Moni, Amber, Bhavuk, Aakash, Saksham, Shashank, Amanda, Dalicia, Shruti, Poras, Akram, Shyam, Avi. They were fans of a sitcom and they were in a group on facebook. Initially oneday a lady suggested they should start a whatsapp group in which they can discuss the sitcom. Obviously, everyone agreed to it including these 14 people. When the group started there was huge number of people. But as day and months went by the list decreased. One night the lady who suggested the original plan for group decided to shut it down. As only these 14 people were left, they became furious, which resulted into a huge argument with the lady. She threw them out of the group. What she didn’t know was these 14 had each other’s personal numbers. After that incident Amanda decided to create a new group on whatsapp and she did it. But this time she added only these people. Everyone is from separate countries and are from different time zones but yet they find out time for each other. This is like a second family to them. Of course everyone has friends in real life, some are working, and some are students. There is an age difference as well, but they are like a part of each other. They discuss stuff, they argue, they fight but most importantly they love each other. And no matter what they always want to be with each other at their problems.

Amanda is the most prettiest and innocent girl in the group, but no guy hit on her because for others friendship came first. Same with Amber, he is handsome but no girl from the group hit on him. Dalicia is the youngest not only age wise but behaviour wise as well, she is the kid of the group. Shruti is the sweetest one, Poras is the intelligent one, Akram is the wisest one, Shashank is the most talkative but a sincere one, Saksham is the craziest one, Aakash is the notorious one, Bhavuk is the introvert one, Avi is the studious one, Rahul is the funniest one,Shyam is the sweetest and kindest one and Moni, well there is nothing special about her so I won’t write about her. Though Moni is extremely sensitive but useless, they all still love her. Obviously they fight like hell but at the end they find their way back to each other. Technically, what I mean is that they worship their friendship which is rare to find these days and especially when they haven’t met yet. They have each other’s back which was proved during the conflict in last group.

In this age of technology, distance between friendships cannot have much effect. Due to misunderstandings in a very trivial way too many years of friendship are broken. It depends entirely on how much importance you give to your friendship. Man is a social being. Friends and friendship are an integral part of social life.

So, the story I told about these 14 people is a very real story. And I really hope from the core of my heart that they remain Friends Forever.

© Monidipa Dutta/Entity


Fantasma (Ghost) and The Poltergeist


In the folklore and paranormal studies, it is believed to be the soul of the deceased person who has not started the journey to the next stage but is perceived by living creatures and can be felt. There have been many instances where people have seen ghosts in different shapes and sizes. Scratch can be experienced in a lifelike form, or they can take any other form that humans do not know. There are even instances where the spirits of the dead animals lives in places where they were living alive. When a person dies, his soul or spirit usually leaves the physical world. But when this soul begins its next life but remains in living organisms, it becomes a ghost. Therefore, ghosts are people or entities that get stuck between the real world and in the next world. This entity is able to interact with living beings. It is believed that the demons return to finish their unfinished business. A ghost can be mean or be naughty, but there are ghosts of good nature that even guide or help living beings. In rare cases, the demons kill their oppressors and revenge others.


The Poltergeist is a German word which means a type of spirit that is responsible for physical disturbances, such as loud noises and objects being moved or destroyed. They are purportedly capable of biting, hitting, and tripping people. Most accounts of poltergeists describe the movement or levitation of objects such as furniture and cutlery, or noises such as knocking on doors. They are not linked to a dead person or animal but rather in the form of invisible strength or energy that destroys itself and it makes the sound. Girls enter their mother tongue and those who enter menopause produce many negative forces. This negative power takes a collective form from time to time and a life of its own. Poltergeist is mostly experienced by a single person and these people become a medium. A Poltergeist does not possess a human but uses mental energy as a means of using it.

Difference Between A Ghost and a Poltergeist

• A spirit is a dead person’s soul whereas a poltergeist collects a mental energy or negative energy.

• Poltergeist comes from German Poltren and geist, which means the growing word and ghost.

• Poltergeist can use a person as a medium for energy exposure and can even damage others.

• Poltergeist can mimic the human words and can move objects around. Some believe that they create negative energy around newborns, and women who reach menopause.

• A ghost is the dead person’s soul that has left the realms of living, the poltergeist has negative energy which standardizes itself through an individual.


© Monidipa Dutta

Genitori / Parents

She was never extremely close to her DAD like the way she was with her MOM, as her father was a workaholic.
It was only then the father and daughter came close, when her MOTHER passed away after a prolonged illness.
Both the father and daughter became fond of each other.
After four years of her mother’s demise her FATHER passed away as well.

It had been two years since then. Often when people ask her whom does she miss more, she stays put.
As even she doesn’t know TILL DATE whom she loves more..

Art sketch by: ig deserted_queen/Entity


© Monidipa Dutta