Paranormal Myths

In every country there are myths which everyone knows. There forefather’s have passed on these stories to the generations. Some say that these myths are real some say they are false or imagination of mind.

Sometime back I was doing a research on it and I came through many countries spooky myths. They are frightening. They are the creepiest and chilling myths from all around the world. I would love to share them with my readers who love to read.

As I had written in on Wattpad, I will share the link below over here. If you love paranormal. If you love myths you are free to give it a look.

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Interview Zone: An Interview with A Medium


As we all know an Ouija Board is also known as a Spirit Board or a Talking Board. The concept of Ouija board is pretty old. This wooden board includes The English Alphabets, 0-9 numbers, yes, no and some other symbols. those who do this work of calling spirits are also known as spiritualists or mediums. Well, all mediums do not use Ouija board. They can feel what others are feeling and have a gift of vision. Here when I said gift of vision I didn’t mean vision of future but they can feel the spirits. They can convey the messages of the spirits to their beloved ones. But as we all know a good medium is hard to find because some can be frauds as well.

Recently I met this lady Adrie Venter Bekkar through a friend, even I thought she is like others, so I thought of testing her. Well let me tell you its hard to describe about me as I am a tough nut to crack and Adrie did not know me at all. But I was extremely surprised when she said stuff about me which only my mother knew. I was amazed and convinced that she connected to my mother. We became friends, I knew she is a lovely lady with a sweet personality but I later got to know from others the way she helps others.

So today I asked Adrie some questions. To put it as an interview. Everyone deserves to know about her. So here we go.

Moni: When you thought of starting as a medium Where did you go for good advice?

Adrie: I never really thought of becoming a Medium – it kind of just happened lol. If I need help I always talk to Psychic Medium James Cook.

Moni: So Adrie can you tell me what are the qualities of a medium?

Adrie: Umm, Qualities
Empathy, Modesty, Passion, Reliability…
Moni: Do you remember the first time you had a valid psychic experience? Can you tell me about it? How did you feel?
Adrie: My first experience connecting was supposed to be a reading on a house, the lady had a spirit in her house and I only wanted to tell her what sort of spirit she was dealing with (up in till then I could only tell if someone was in the house and how they have passed and if the energy was good or dark) among-st all the photos she send there was a photo of her daughter, when I looked at the photo I could hear a name ….. when I gave her the name she said it was her mother … It was an amazing feeling to think that I just connected with someone’s loved one and the message that came through for her that day changed not just her life but mine too….
Moni: Wow that sounds pretty interesting. In regards to psychic abilities, is it always a guide or angel passing information, or do you have abilities of your own which are independent of your guides?
Adrie: No it isn’t always. I have my wonderful guides that help me every step of the way.
Moni: What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?
Adrie: Oh goodness mmmm….
Psychics I think use Tarot cards, palms and astrological charts.
Mediums usually gets information from spirits that are personal and have private meanings.
Moni: Does everyone have guides, how do you recommend people get in touch with them.
Adrie: I do believe everyone have Spirit Guides. Meditation usually helps to clear the mind and get in touch with your spiritual side.
Moni: Then I think I should try it too.. haha.. Adrie do you believe that criminals will some day be prosecuted based on information given by psychics or mediums?
Adrie: I hope so. I know in some countries psychic mediums are used to help with cases.
Moni: Besides giving psychic readings, what other work do you do in this area like seminars, radio, teaching, tarot reading?
Adrie: No. I have 4 children lol doesn’t leave much time for anything else.
Moni: That sounds wonderful.. Some psychics give predictions, some don’t. How do you feel about predictions, and why do you or do you not do them for people?
Adrie: I don’t do predictions, the future’s a mystery and must remain that.
Moni: Good thinking, I must say. Have you ever been watching the news about a crime or case and known information that could break the case? Would you call authorities? If not why not?
Adrie: I never watch the news. But I think if I was to have info and had to take it to the authorities they would most likely think I am crazy.
Moni: Life after death….. can you give me your interpretation of what it is like?
Adrie: I believe most Spirit stay around to become our Guardian Angels. Death is just another step of our great journey.
Moni: Adrie, You said you went to James cook. Is he alive?

Adrie: Yes he is very much alive. He is a great person.
Moni: Do you have any advice for people who have the gift of sight, but don’t understand what is happening to them?
Adrie: Yes, would say get a Medium/Psychic to help you understand and develop your gift. And practice as much as you can …..
Moni: Anything else you want us to know about you?
Adrie: I am a Medium and I am no different than anyone else ….. I don’t have secret powers and I can’t read minds lol. I only connect with passed loved ones with permission…… I am not dark and evil like some people think. I love what I do and I love helping people ….
Moni: Thank you for your precious time to answer these questions.
So everyone reading this. Adrie is a lovely person. If you are on facebook you can join her group as well. Link is given below.

Thank you.

Skin Walkers

Every Country has its own spooky stories. So does Native America. There they call it Skin Walkers. Skin Walkers is a harmful witch which can turn itself into, or disguise itself in to an animal.

Legends about these creatures say that, animals that are associated with witchcraft usually include tricksters, but can also include other creatures, usually those associated with death or bad omens. They may also possess living animals or people and walk around in their bodies by locking eyes with them. Skin-walkers may be male or female but are typically male. In Navajo Language it is said that children who complete life and death struggles may end in either skin-walker or Navajo killing the other, or partial encounter stories that end in a stalemate.

Here we have 12 chilling stories about skin walkers.

Source: Internet

1: Tap Tap At The Window

Reddit user Navajoe Joe’s horrifying encounter with a skin walker sounds like something right out of a horror movie. After collecting firewood, Joe (who was a child at the time) and his uncle got back into their pickup truck to head home. Joe felt something staring at him from outside his passenger window. As he was about to look out behind him, his uncle shouted to him, “Don’t!” Instantly, there was a tapping on the window behind him.

While the two continued their frightful journey home, the pickup truck suddenly dipped down in the back, as if something heavy had climbed into the truck’s bed. All the while, the uncle kept repeating Navajo prayers and commanding Joe not to look behind him. Suddenly, the creature that climbed into the truck bed started tapping at the rear window. The tapping went on for a while until they finally felt the creature jump out.

A few years later, Joe confronted his uncle about the events that transpired that night. The uncle confessed to him, “I didn’t see faces, just eyes – it watched you.” Uncomfortable with his uncle’s answers, Joe jokingly asked his uncle why didn’t he just brake-check the creature while it was in the truck bed. To this, the uncle eerily replied, “Because it wasn’t alone.”

2: Convinced I Saw A Skin walker

Reddit user Nordic Alchemist was always skeptical of skin walkers – that is, until he had his own frightening experience. While visiting his family in Ship Rock, New Mexico, Nordic jokingly blurted out the question, “Are skin walkers real?”

According to Navajo belief, asking about a skin walker attracts their attention and can mark you as a target. Nordic knew this but wanted to see how his family would react. They were extremely upset, and he was scolded by his mother and grandmother. His aunt assured him, “They’re real, all right,” and went on to say how she had recently encountered some at her home.

As the night drew to a close, they all settled down in the grandparents’ home to sleep. What happened next changed Nordic’s opinion on the skin walker myth. While drifting off to sleep, he says he heard a lot of noise, like something moving about outside the house. He got up from his bed and walked over to a window in the kitchen to get a better view from the lit porch. Suddenly, he heard a horrifically distorted scream outside. When he looked in the direction of the scream, he saw a terrifying creature standing there, staring back at him.

Nordic describes the creature as looking awkward and having disheveled gray hair with glowing orange-red eyes. He also says that he felt evil vibes and could smell a strong scent of rotting meat coming off the creature.

Terrified, he quickly woke up his family. His grandfather started chanting Navajo prayers and armed himself with a rifle. After the grandfather fired off a few rounds into the yard, the creature disappeared. The following day, the entire family was blessed by a neighboring Navajo medicine man. As for Nordic, he was left forever believing that skin walkers are nothing to joke about.

3: An Attack On A Party Van

Reddit user Trey Lighting shares one of the most chilling tales you’ll hear, about the night his aunt encountered a skin walker while on a Navajo reservation. According to Trey, when his aunt was younger, she and her friends would take her old beat-up van out to the middle of nowhere at night to have some fun.

As the tale goes, his aunt and her friends were enjoying each other’s company when suddenly they heard the sound of rocks hitting the sides of the van. Before any of them could check what it was, something heavy leapt onto the roof of their van and started jumping up and down, rocking the vehicle. The friends inside started to panic. Fearing for their lives, Trey’s aunt tried to drive the van, but it refused to start.

Suddenly, his aunt saw a large claw reach down from the top of the van, its sharp nails scratching at the windshield. As if that wasn’t scary enough, the creature then jumped down from the top of the van. It walked up to the driver’s side, staring at her, its face only inches away from the window. At this horrifying sight, his aunt began to pray until the creature left. Minutes later, when the creature was finally nowhere to be seen, they managed to get the van moving and drove off as fast as they could.

4: This Was No Normal Girl

According to accounts, not all skin walkers are found around Native reservations, or within the US, for that matter. This tale of terror comes all the way from Australia. While walking her dogs out in the Australian bush, a woman named Karlee encountered a fearful sight. Karlee was out enjoying the trail when suddenly her two dogs started barking uncontrollably and becoming extremely agitated.

Soon Karlee came face to face with what appeared to be a small female child, no older than seven. The child had her back facing Karlee, who was only a bit startled at first, as she believed the child was just part of a camping party. However, when the girl turned around to face Karlee, she saw the child’s eyes were lifeless and entirely black.

Before Karlee made a break for it, the creature let out an ear-splitting howl and ran off into the bush, never to be seen again. Karlee was left wondering if the child she saw was someone pulling a prank on her, or if it was really a shape shifting skin walker. She may never know.

5: The White-Masked Creature

Hunt for the Skin Walker, by George Knapp and Colm Kelleher, tells of people coming into contact with skin walkers near Native American tribal lands. One account from a New Mexico highway patrol officer states that while patrolling the south highway of New Mexico, he came in contact with a skin walker on two separate occasions.
In his first encounter, the creature ran up to the vehicle’s door. When the officer tried to speed away, the creature simply attached itself to the car door. A few days later and around the same area, he encountered the creature again, which he described as wearing a white mask and looking unearthly. What makes this tale even more intriguing is that several other officers claimed to have also seen the same ghoulish being in the exact same patrol area.

6: The Yenaldooshi Has Found Me

Reddit user Fireclawiswoot shares a frightening skinwalker (also called Yenaldooshi) encounter he had while visiting his grandmother at her home in Nevada (though what transpired in this encounter caused the grandmother to relocate out of fear). According to the story, the grandmother was continuously peeking out of her closed window. When her family asked her why, she told them, “Yenaldooshi is watching me.”

Things got weirder when the family went outside to do some gardening. They were enjoying their day outside, when suddenly they were alerted by the grandmother’s fearful shouts. When they hurried to see what the commotion was all about, they were confronted by a giant black dog with deep yellow eyes staring down at the grandmother, who was protecting her infant grandson. Before the creature bounded off out sight, the grandmother proclaimed in terror, “The Yenaldooshi has found me.”

7: There Were Two Skin walkers

A relaxing midnight stroll turned into terror for John when he came face to face with two skin walkers. According to his chilling story, John was out late one cool summer night. While listening to music and enjoying the cooler weather, he walked near a large empty field that was adjacent to a college campus. Suddenly, he felt something staring at him. Shining his flashlight out into the darkness, he saw two sets of glowing orange eyes staring back at him. The eyes were at least seven feet off the ground and stared at him without blinking once.

John made a mad dash to safety. As he was running, he turned back to see one of the creatures chasing him. John became even more frightened when he got a better glimpse of the fast-moving creature behind him. It looked somewhat like a giant wolf. Quickening his pace, John reached his home safely, but he was forever fearful of the monsters he saw that night, which he is certain were Skin Walker’s.

8: Become A Skin walker Or Die

In the book The Legends of the Wolfmen, author Betty Smith has collected some frightfully fascinating stories from people who have witnessed skin walkers and lived to tell their tales. One horrific tale follows the day when a young boy witnessed his grandmother performing a secret skin walker ritual that would transform her into the creature. When the boy was discovered spying, he was given two options: become a skin walker or die. Somehow the boy managed to escape, but says he never saw his grandmother again.

9: I Believe It Was A Skin Walker

According to Reddit user Endulos, his father had a horrifying encounter one night when he laid his eyes on a presumed skin walker. In the tale, Endulos’s father and sister were driving home through a heavily wooded area just a little after 10 PM. Suddenly, they both heard a startling, inhuman sound loud enough to drown out their radio. Endulos claims his father slammed on the brakes, and there walking across the road in front of the car was a horrifyingly large creature. It was a seven-foot-tall, coyote-looking beast that was bipedal (standing on two legs). It slowly walked into the woods, where they heard it scream out one last time.

10: The Creature Had A Human Face

This tale of a white-faced skinwalker comes out of Phoenix, Arizona, shared by Reddit user nakedreagan. According to the story, his roommate was driving home around 4 AM. While driving on a lone road, he spotted a large black creature standing on all four legs. The creature ran out from a nearby field and crossed the road right in front of his car. After it got to the other side, the creature glared back at the nervous driver. To his surprise, although the creature had a dark black body, its face was completely white. To make things even more unsettling, its pure white face looked human.

11: A Giant Dog With A Creepy, Awkward Gait

This eerie skinwalker encounter from the folklore archives comes from Daniel Steele in his book Werewolf to Hogan: The Navajo Experience as Seen Through a White Perspective. Steele explains that dogs will bark when there is a skin walker near a hogan, a traditional Navaho dwelling. He goes on to describe how skin walkers can resemble dogs when they’re in their predatory form. However, skin walkers don’t move like a real dog. Instead, they maintain an awkward sideways gait, like that of a giant dog with its human legs folded up inside in its body. Now that’s creepy!

12: A Mysterious Legend Or A Mormon Missionary?

According Chris Horton in his book Yenaalglooshii: Mormon Missionary Accounts of Were wolfism on the Navajo Indian Reservation, Mormon missionaries on a Navajo reservation regularly had frightening encounters with skin walkers. Some were known to run up alongside vehicles as they drove by, while others would forcefully try to break into the reservation’s trailers at night.

However, the book also claims that some missionaries were known to haze new reservation members by pretending to be skin walkers and scaring them at night. This act may leave one questioning the true existence of skin walkers.

Eerily enough, there are accounts where a person claims to have shot a skinwalker at night, only to find the dead body of their neighbor the following morning. This certainly brings up the possibility that neighbor transformed into a skinwalker at night and was out hunting for human blood. And so, the mysterious legend of the skin walker continues.

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