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Hello everyone. How have you all been? I guess great. Today I am back on Interview Zone with the interview of Miss Charlene Lowe Kemp from UK. As the title suggests Charlene is a Paranormal Investigator and a ferocious one. As everyone who reads my interviews might know I do a lot of investigation before updating anything. It took me a long time to find her. Anyways I won’t bore you all anymore and skip to the interview directly.


Moni: Hello Charlene, welcome to Interview Zone. So shall we start?

Charlene: You are welcome. Yes sure.

Moni: So Charlene is paranormal investigating your profession or is it a time pass for you?

Charlene: Paranormal investigating for me is a passion. I think everyone within the paranormal knows that to class it as a profession it would have to be a full time job and it would have to pay the bills at least to do it full time. Paranormal investigating as no professional tag to it as such, there is no set guidelines or qualifications you can take to be classed as a ‘professional within the field, I think people sometimes get the tag as a professional investigator when they have a certain amount of experience (this is normally based on years) and what you present as your findings. The key is to earn respect to be at least a creditable investigator within the community.

Moni: While investigating a place or house if you do not find anything on an investigation, does that mean the place is not haunted?

Charlene: No, activity can come in what I call waves. So people can experience a surge of activity for a number of days or weeks and things will just stop, weeks later activity can increase again. Locations that are alleged to be haunted I feel can be over worked with paranormal investigators investigating daily or every Friday or Saturday, which o think can affect the alleged haunting. Locations that aren’t investigated that much or have never been investigated seem to provide better evidence to put forward to suggest it may be haunted.

Moni: Do you take guests on your investigations?

Charlene: No I privately investigate, I used to run events where guests would attend but I found that by doing this I was just overlooking what was happening and wasn’t actually actively involved in the investigating. Many event teams won’t let their employees properly participant with the guests such as on the Ouija board in the fear that it may be suggested it was moved by the employee. It’s understandable why event teams do this but it takes the spark out of the investigator who wants to be involved I think.

Moni: You do not charge for an investigation so how do you make money?

Charlene: We don’t make any, a lot of people are in this field because they have a passion for it and something at some point triggered the fascination off in that person and I find that people do this for their own personal journey to gain the answers they need. There is ways which you can try and find for example writing books etc. but the total cost of your incoming would never amount to the money you have to pay out to do it for equipment, petrol, locations and so on.

Moni: Why do you not post all of the evidence you find at investigations?

Charlene: Facebook lives are a massive thing at the moment, it is a way of interacting with the public while you investigate and as well as yourself being there you have another set of eyes behind the camera to help. Facebook lives can be a good thing and they can provide good results for evidence but to me taking a camera and filming is a better way to investigate, you have better concentration and can review the footage much easier. If I have filmed an investigation I will post up my findings whether anything happened or not but reviewing footage and making an actual video of what happened is timely sometimes especially if you are the only one who does it. You also have to consider person consent too, if you are investigating a house the owner may not want to have it made public and that is completely understandable and their choice.

Moni: Can you help me with my psychic abilities – I have some questions?

Charlene: I can try to answer on possible ways to try and enhance your psychic abilities and offer things you could try and couldn’t promise they would work though.

Moni: Do you investigate every case reported to you?

Charlene: I offer advice to every case reported to me. I have found that 9 times out of 10 if a person reports activity they generally don’t want an investigation or they tend to back out on the last minute.

Moni: Do you do radio interviews or lectures?

Charlene: I was on pulse radio on the 22nd of May with Tom Warrington talking about all things paranormal. I have been asked to go to lectures at universities where I have said I would and their projects have fallen through and I was no longer needed to go, but in the future I would be happy to go and help out with lectures and projects, I see it as helping the field.

Moni: Are you currently adding members?

Charlene: I am currently recruiting in my team Yes, there is a certain way I think Every investigator works and I am looking closely and hand picking who I think would potentially be a credit to my team and who I can trust. Trust within the team is a massive thing.

Moni: Have you encountered any fake or fraud people in your field?

Charlene: I have worked with mediums who obviously do charge for readings and such for private readings and if the person agrees to pay this for a reading as long as the person is happy with paying for that reading and I can’t see a problem. I have seen other investigators con money from their following and fans before now. There is two incidents which stick in my mind and both investigators highly depend on donates to fund their investigations via YouTube. What each of these people did was go to YouTube and ask for money when they was experiencing personal issues within their life. They played on their following and their fans made them feel sad about their personal issues and sadly those who were blind to what they were doing and donated. The first time I saw it the person more or less said he was going to quit the paranormal then proceeded to ask for donations and even got his son involved on it (he stated he was homeless) Myself I wouldn’t go to my paranormal YouTube to tell my followers my personal life and to beg, I don’t see it being professional in the slightest. but these people know their following love them and hang on everything they say and people become threatened why they won’t provide them with the paranormal anymore…but what gets me is in the week that followed he got 2k in donations if not more and posted a brand new niche watch up….only weeks later, his friend who he works with did the exact same and for me I just don’t believe it and anyone in a personal situation like they say they were in should not be relying on their following, there is professional help they know and could have sought instead therefore I have to question their motives.

Moni: Any Particular case which had a severe impact on you? If yes please do tell us the story.

Charlene: Not a case as such but a specific haunting Yes, I recently went on the search for a haunting of a lady named Elizabeth Sheppard, who was killed in 1817 on her way back from Mansfield after trying to find work. She was only 17 at the time and she had been brutally murdered. Her killer was named as Charles Rotherham but after plenty of research on the case I found that it could be possible that he never actually did killed her and he may have been framed for it. His name has been placed on her memorial stone as the killer but the evidence suggested now strongly suggests that he never actually did it.

The haunting is of this memorial stone, it is placed where she is murdered and the hauntings of this lady is normally if this stone has to be moved.

I don’t no why but travelling to and from the locations of this case and looking into the research more, I felt a certain attachment to get this story out there and I came back and wrote a piece of it which can be found here

A Sad HAUNTING – The Tale of Elizabeth Sheppard

I am not the only one that has felt a strong connection to this case some have spent 30 odd years looking into it to find the answers. It’s like Elizabeth may haunt the area due to maybe the wrong person being convicted and it isn’t just myself like I say feels like that, it is a case that has seem to play on a lot of people and pull every ones heart strings.

Moni: Wow! Well moving on to the last question I am thinking of starting my own group. What advice can you give me?

Charlene: My advice would be to go out weekly, look at all the different theories and concepts that make up the paranormal and explore them to find your own style of investigation. There is no right or wrong way, the paranormal hasn’t even been proven to exist but I think you have to find your own style on how you want to come across whether that be spiritual, scientific or extremely skeptical.

My personal advice to anyone starting out is be open minded….never dismiss something completely without fully looking at the whole situation and analyzing it first and never think you are an expert because there is no experts in this field just people with more knowledge!

Moni: Charlene, I will end the interview here. It was a great conversation and it was lovely having you here.

Charlene: I loved it as well. Thank you.

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So everyone, this was Charlene. I know it was a intense conversation but I hope you will love it.. So see you again..

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It is a common word now a days. Someone is less depressed someone is badly depressed. Sometimes it is easy to understand that a person is in depression but sometimes it is not.

You might see a person daily waking up, behaving normally, smiling, working for the entire day and then having a sleepless night. It is because people who are deeply depressed but don’t want to share their issues decide not to open or can’t open up.

These people who can’t open up and are scattered from inside and are dying inside everyday.

There are 9 easy ways to detect if someone is depressed:

1) They behave unnatural. That is, they hide their feelings.

2) If you ask them how are their response would be ‘neither good,nor bad’ or something confusing.

3) They prefer to keep themselves extremely busy.

4) They get angry easily.

5) Their unnecessary risky behavior or decisions.

6) They are unable to think clearly

7) Unable to concentrate. Or unable to do things which they once loved to do.

8) They can’t sleep.

9) And lastly, They prefer to be left alone.

Depression can hamper your mental peace from inside. It kills you slowly and you start giving on. This sometimes may lead to suicide as well.

But yes this is not the end. People in depression can get rid of it by themselves. I personally would suggest 8 solutions that helped me to get out of a deep depression.

Yes, once upon a time I was also depressed. I started giving up slowly. I became suicidal I was tired of life. I was dying everyday. But one fine morning I told myself, “No, why the hell should I give up. This life is worth living for”, and then I did these things and I am doing great today.

1) Set a routine for yourself. I know it sounds tough but there’s nothing one can’t do. If you get accustomed in a routine, trust me you can overcome depression.

2) Set a Goal for yourself. When a person is in depression they may not feel like doing anything or even if they do they don’t do it wholeheartedly. So if you set a goal for yourself you can achieve it step by step. That’s what my friend is another step to overcome depression.

3) Exercise everyday. I know it might be tough of people who don’t prefer exercising but it helps. Join a gym. Work hard. You can feel depression leaving you along with your sweat.

4) You need to eat healthy food. I hated eating when I was depressed it caused me anroxia but once I forced myself to eat and that too healthy food, firstly I hated it but later on I must say it helped me.

5) You need to sleep. Having amnesia is different but when a person is badly depressed they have a sleepless night. You need to overcome it. It will be a a forcible step but you have to do it to recover from depression.

6) Negative thoughts will cross your mind by default,but force yourself to think positive. If you can’t on youtube there are many trances which you can listen which will help you.





Try listening to these. They help a lot.

7) Travel, go out. Though you might not like it bit force yourself to do it. You will feel light. You will feel better

8) Lastly, read. Reading good books will help you alot.

People depression is worse. Try to get out of it for your own self or if you see someone with the problems I have stated above, help them to get out of it.

Let your pain go away and live a happy peaceful life.

Take care.


Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” by Thomas Merton.

Well this is not about others paintings but mine.

I don’t only write but paint as well..

I remember last year after my accident when I was bedridden it left me devastated. One and half months later when I could stand up I asked my mate to get me a canvas and colors. He never asked anything he just got me those.

I don’t know what came to my mind I created this.. 👇

This was the starting.

After that I have made many but never found a gallery to exhibit them and in this case my instagram account deserted_queen helped. People from all over the world appreciate my work.

Today I thought of writing this because I really feel glad when galleries in India rejected, they supported.

Today in this post I will add some of my works. I hope you all will like it.

This one I made when after accident I was tired of myself. So I named it ‘Tired’.

I made this from a selfie of mine which looked dull after I cried… So I named it, “Sorrow”.

I made it the day I got up from my wheelchair and started walking. I named it, “Freedom”.

So what do you think about them?

Let me know if you want to see more works of mine.


I Love you LIKE I Hate you

Today I will share a story of a girl Meika. Well, her father passed away in 2016 when she was 21 years. She just completed her Master’s degree and started working in a respectable position as a journalist. Her mother passed away when she was 18 years old. She never had any siblings as such. Relatives were there who loved her but Meika believed in keeping them away from her. But, she was a strong girl though.

On a fine november night after dinner she opened her facebook account. She noticed there was a friend request. She opened that page and was shocked to see the name. It was from Aniket.

Aniket was Meika’s first crush, first love when she was in std 9. She could never move on from him. Though Aniket never knew about her love for him. She never dated in her entire college. Never even wanted to get married because the man she fell for was a self claimed saint.

Seeing his account made her fall in love with him again. She accepted his request. She didn’t message him though she kept an eye on his account.

On a Tuesday evening Meika updated some pictures of her on Facebook. And for the very first time Aniket commented. As soon as Meika saw it she jumped out of her couch with excitement. But, she composed herself though and replied only a smiley of smile to him. That night Aniket messaged her. And first time they spoke to each other. Aniket was a smooth talker. And Meika was already in love with him so she easily got flattered. She remembered the day the first time she saw him in Indian Ethnic dress, she fell badly for him. She never got a chance to get close to him as they were from same colony but he was a politician’s brother, and now her dream has come true.

As days and months passed by, their chatting increased. Affection towards eachother increased. And this time Meika decided to take a leave from work to go back to her home town to meet Aniket.

So on a weekend she went back to the city where she spent her childhood. But she decided to stay in a hotel rather than her own house. That evening Aniket came to the hotel where Meika was residing. Meika met him in the reception of the hotel. He took her to his place which he had converted into his study on his bike. Though Meika hated bikes but she couldn’t say no to him. After they reached at Aniket’s place. They sat and were talking about work, about hobbies in the meantime Meika’s phone rang. As it was a call from work she had to attend it. She excused herself and went nearby the window while speaking. After done as soon as she turned back she saw Aniket standing very close to her and Meika turned towards him he hugged her. As Meika loved him badly she melted in her arms. And then she initiated a kiss on his lips. They made out passionately that evening. For Meika it was her dream come true. And for Aniket a score. That night Aniket insisted her to stay with him but she didn’t she went back to the hotel. Ofcourse Aniket dropped her.

Meika slept like a baby that night because her dream came true.

Next day morning Aniket called her up and behaved abnormally. She informed him that she was having lunch at her best friends place. He got extremely possessive and even abused her in anger. Meika just said one sentence, “I believe we are yet not in a relationship, so why are you being possessive”. To which Aniket replied, “Because your best friend is a guy”. Meika was shocked to hear that. She decided to cancel the lunch and went to Aniket’s place to meet him. They met he said they can’t be together and they can only have sexual relationship. Meika was broken badly but as because she was good in hiding her emotions declined his offer.

In one moment her feelings for him changed and now she wants to avenge him at any cost.

See people I gave this example of Meika and Aniket because what we often fail to remember is that we are humans. Love and hate both are a part of that emotion. But there is a very thin line between love and hate. If love can make us blind hatred too can do that. So avoid all this. Because is a part of life. Stay happy and keep others happy.

Skin Walkers

Every Country has its own spooky stories. So does Native America. There they call it Skin Walkers. Skin Walkers is a harmful witch which can turn itself into, or disguise itself in to an animal.

Legends about these creatures say that, animals that are associated with witchcraft usually include tricksters, but can also include other creatures, usually those associated with death or bad omens. They may also possess living animals or people and walk around in their bodies by locking eyes with them. Skin-walkers may be male or female but are typically male. In Navajo Language it is said that children who complete life and death struggles may end in either skin-walker or Navajo killing the other, or partial encounter stories that end in a stalemate.

Here we have 12 chilling stories about skin walkers.

Source: Internet

1: Tap Tap At The Window

Reddit user Navajoe Joe’s horrifying encounter with a skin walker sounds like something right out of a horror movie. After collecting firewood, Joe (who was a child at the time) and his uncle got back into their pickup truck to head home. Joe felt something staring at him from outside his passenger window. As he was about to look out behind him, his uncle shouted to him, “Don’t!” Instantly, there was a tapping on the window behind him.

While the two continued their frightful journey home, the pickup truck suddenly dipped down in the back, as if something heavy had climbed into the truck’s bed. All the while, the uncle kept repeating Navajo prayers and commanding Joe not to look behind him. Suddenly, the creature that climbed into the truck bed started tapping at the rear window. The tapping went on for a while until they finally felt the creature jump out.

A few years later, Joe confronted his uncle about the events that transpired that night. The uncle confessed to him, “I didn’t see faces, just eyes – it watched you.” Uncomfortable with his uncle’s answers, Joe jokingly asked his uncle why didn’t he just brake-check the creature while it was in the truck bed. To this, the uncle eerily replied, “Because it wasn’t alone.”

2: Convinced I Saw A Skin walker

Reddit user Nordic Alchemist was always skeptical of skin walkers – that is, until he had his own frightening experience. While visiting his family in Ship Rock, New Mexico, Nordic jokingly blurted out the question, “Are skin walkers real?”

According to Navajo belief, asking about a skin walker attracts their attention and can mark you as a target. Nordic knew this but wanted to see how his family would react. They were extremely upset, and he was scolded by his mother and grandmother. His aunt assured him, “They’re real, all right,” and went on to say how she had recently encountered some at her home.

As the night drew to a close, they all settled down in the grandparents’ home to sleep. What happened next changed Nordic’s opinion on the skin walker myth. While drifting off to sleep, he says he heard a lot of noise, like something moving about outside the house. He got up from his bed and walked over to a window in the kitchen to get a better view from the lit porch. Suddenly, he heard a horrifically distorted scream outside. When he looked in the direction of the scream, he saw a terrifying creature standing there, staring back at him.

Nordic describes the creature as looking awkward and having disheveled gray hair with glowing orange-red eyes. He also says that he felt evil vibes and could smell a strong scent of rotting meat coming off the creature.

Terrified, he quickly woke up his family. His grandfather started chanting Navajo prayers and armed himself with a rifle. After the grandfather fired off a few rounds into the yard, the creature disappeared. The following day, the entire family was blessed by a neighboring Navajo medicine man. As for Nordic, he was left forever believing that skin walkers are nothing to joke about.

3: An Attack On A Party Van

Reddit user Trey Lighting shares one of the most chilling tales you’ll hear, about the night his aunt encountered a skin walker while on a Navajo reservation. According to Trey, when his aunt was younger, she and her friends would take her old beat-up van out to the middle of nowhere at night to have some fun.

As the tale goes, his aunt and her friends were enjoying each other’s company when suddenly they heard the sound of rocks hitting the sides of the van. Before any of them could check what it was, something heavy leapt onto the roof of their van and started jumping up and down, rocking the vehicle. The friends inside started to panic. Fearing for their lives, Trey’s aunt tried to drive the van, but it refused to start.

Suddenly, his aunt saw a large claw reach down from the top of the van, its sharp nails scratching at the windshield. As if that wasn’t scary enough, the creature then jumped down from the top of the van. It walked up to the driver’s side, staring at her, its face only inches away from the window. At this horrifying sight, his aunt began to pray until the creature left. Minutes later, when the creature was finally nowhere to be seen, they managed to get the van moving and drove off as fast as they could.

4: This Was No Normal Girl

According to accounts, not all skin walkers are found around Native reservations, or within the US, for that matter. This tale of terror comes all the way from Australia. While walking her dogs out in the Australian bush, a woman named Karlee encountered a fearful sight. Karlee was out enjoying the trail when suddenly her two dogs started barking uncontrollably and becoming extremely agitated.

Soon Karlee came face to face with what appeared to be a small female child, no older than seven. The child had her back facing Karlee, who was only a bit startled at first, as she believed the child was just part of a camping party. However, when the girl turned around to face Karlee, she saw the child’s eyes were lifeless and entirely black.

Before Karlee made a break for it, the creature let out an ear-splitting howl and ran off into the bush, never to be seen again. Karlee was left wondering if the child she saw was someone pulling a prank on her, or if it was really a shape shifting skin walker. She may never know.

5: The White-Masked Creature

Hunt for the Skin Walker, by George Knapp and Colm Kelleher, tells of people coming into contact with skin walkers near Native American tribal lands. One account from a New Mexico highway patrol officer states that while patrolling the south highway of New Mexico, he came in contact with a skin walker on two separate occasions.
In his first encounter, the creature ran up to the vehicle’s door. When the officer tried to speed away, the creature simply attached itself to the car door. A few days later and around the same area, he encountered the creature again, which he described as wearing a white mask and looking unearthly. What makes this tale even more intriguing is that several other officers claimed to have also seen the same ghoulish being in the exact same patrol area.

6: The Yenaldooshi Has Found Me

Reddit user Fireclawiswoot shares a frightening skinwalker (also called Yenaldooshi) encounter he had while visiting his grandmother at her home in Nevada (though what transpired in this encounter caused the grandmother to relocate out of fear). According to the story, the grandmother was continuously peeking out of her closed window. When her family asked her why, she told them, “Yenaldooshi is watching me.”

Things got weirder when the family went outside to do some gardening. They were enjoying their day outside, when suddenly they were alerted by the grandmother’s fearful shouts. When they hurried to see what the commotion was all about, they were confronted by a giant black dog with deep yellow eyes staring down at the grandmother, who was protecting her infant grandson. Before the creature bounded off out sight, the grandmother proclaimed in terror, “The Yenaldooshi has found me.”

7: There Were Two Skin walkers

A relaxing midnight stroll turned into terror for John when he came face to face with two skin walkers. According to his chilling story, John was out late one cool summer night. While listening to music and enjoying the cooler weather, he walked near a large empty field that was adjacent to a college campus. Suddenly, he felt something staring at him. Shining his flashlight out into the darkness, he saw two sets of glowing orange eyes staring back at him. The eyes were at least seven feet off the ground and stared at him without blinking once.

John made a mad dash to safety. As he was running, he turned back to see one of the creatures chasing him. John became even more frightened when he got a better glimpse of the fast-moving creature behind him. It looked somewhat like a giant wolf. Quickening his pace, John reached his home safely, but he was forever fearful of the monsters he saw that night, which he is certain were Skin Walker’s.

8: Become A Skin walker Or Die

In the book The Legends of the Wolfmen, author Betty Smith has collected some frightfully fascinating stories from people who have witnessed skin walkers and lived to tell their tales. One horrific tale follows the day when a young boy witnessed his grandmother performing a secret skin walker ritual that would transform her into the creature. When the boy was discovered spying, he was given two options: become a skin walker or die. Somehow the boy managed to escape, but says he never saw his grandmother again.

9: I Believe It Was A Skin Walker

According to Reddit user Endulos, his father had a horrifying encounter one night when he laid his eyes on a presumed skin walker. In the tale, Endulos’s father and sister were driving home through a heavily wooded area just a little after 10 PM. Suddenly, they both heard a startling, inhuman sound loud enough to drown out their radio. Endulos claims his father slammed on the brakes, and there walking across the road in front of the car was a horrifyingly large creature. It was a seven-foot-tall, coyote-looking beast that was bipedal (standing on two legs). It slowly walked into the woods, where they heard it scream out one last time.

10: The Creature Had A Human Face

This tale of a white-faced skinwalker comes out of Phoenix, Arizona, shared by Reddit user nakedreagan. According to the story, his roommate was driving home around 4 AM. While driving on a lone road, he spotted a large black creature standing on all four legs. The creature ran out from a nearby field and crossed the road right in front of his car. After it got to the other side, the creature glared back at the nervous driver. To his surprise, although the creature had a dark black body, its face was completely white. To make things even more unsettling, its pure white face looked human.

11: A Giant Dog With A Creepy, Awkward Gait

This eerie skinwalker encounter from the folklore archives comes from Daniel Steele in his book Werewolf to Hogan: The Navajo Experience as Seen Through a White Perspective. Steele explains that dogs will bark when there is a skin walker near a hogan, a traditional Navaho dwelling. He goes on to describe how skin walkers can resemble dogs when they’re in their predatory form. However, skin walkers don’t move like a real dog. Instead, they maintain an awkward sideways gait, like that of a giant dog with its human legs folded up inside in its body. Now that’s creepy!

12: A Mysterious Legend Or A Mormon Missionary?

According Chris Horton in his book Yenaalglooshii: Mormon Missionary Accounts of Were wolfism on the Navajo Indian Reservation, Mormon missionaries on a Navajo reservation regularly had frightening encounters with skin walkers. Some were known to run up alongside vehicles as they drove by, while others would forcefully try to break into the reservation’s trailers at night.

However, the book also claims that some missionaries were known to haze new reservation members by pretending to be skin walkers and scaring them at night. This act may leave one questioning the true existence of skin walkers.

Eerily enough, there are accounts where a person claims to have shot a skinwalker at night, only to find the dead body of their neighbor the following morning. This certainly brings up the possibility that neighbor transformed into a skinwalker at night and was out hunting for human blood. And so, the mysterious legend of the skin walker continues.

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Story source: Internet

Harmful Love

He wanted to make her life colourful, but he didn’t realize while making her colourful he was ruining colors from his life. By the time he realized it, all the colours from his life was gone.
Because She always believed in one thing, “Love the one whom you can control, when love starts controlling you DESTROY IT”.

instagram and wattpad: Deserted_Queen

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